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Nulia Insights dashboard

Nulia, a productivity app designed to help organizations get the most out of Microsoft 365, came to us because their users needed an improved experience. Nulia works by observing users’ habits then producing skill scores and personalized plans for improving those skills. Our mission was to help users interpret and act on these scores.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Development

Our Challenge

1. Create an easy to understand system for communicating user scores and delivering clear recommendations for improvement.

2. Redesign the user interface so users know what actionable steps they can take to master essential workplace technologies.

Our Solution

We collaborated closely with Nulia to overhaul the platform’s user experience (UX) and user interfaces (UI) to address two user pain points: transparency and feedback.

Mapping a Clear Path for User Success

We identified the pain points in Nulia's user journey and set high-level goals for reworking them. With a focus on restructuring key pages to better guide users, we transformed Nulia's Pathways page into a dashboard for easy performance tracking, and overhauled the Skills Detail to include a more comprehensive view of a user's goals and achievements.

Nulia dashboard design process

Demystifying the Dashboard

Our new reporting configuration presents progress and evaluation data in a way that feels helpful, digestible, and actionable.

Nulia dashboard example

Visualizing Success

Activity summaries illustrate progress, achievements, and skill maintenance through a reimagined color, icon, and badge system to focus and motivate users.

Example of color and icons to motivate success

Meet Your Personal Trainer

Customized recommendations provide tips and techniques for mastering new skills and redirect users to the appropriate Office 365 location to put them into practice.

Example of customized recommendations

Twenty Ideas worked with us to design and build an attractive, crisp, and engaging user experience that unlocked the full potential of our product by helping us better connect with our users.

-Cary Torkelson

Chief Technology Officer


Bite-Sized Goals, Big Gains

We identified actionable components within each proficiency area to help users better understand and gradually improve their Nulia skill scores.

Example of showing bite-sized goals


Skills page shows a user’s progress through individual competencies to support mastery of self-assigned goals and manager-assigned proficiency outcomes.

Example of individualized skill tracking recommendation

Skills Drills

Practice activities linked to each skill offer guidance through narrative, video, and audio formats to support different learning styles.

Example of diverse resources available to practice

Oversight with Insight

The new Manager Insight Panel gives leaders the ability to efficiently monitor and guide team members' progress.

Example of monitoring team members
Set the Bar

Assignment menu lets leaders guide, motivate, and monitor team member performance by setting new goals aligned with an employee’s roles and projects.

The Nudge Factor

Customized “hints” allow managers to deliver personalized tips to help team members overcome roadblocks and achieve assigned outcomes.

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