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Smarter language learning, powered by AI


Language assessment company exploring better ways for educators to support and measure language writing proficiency throughout the school year

Status quo writing practice and assessment methods too disruptive and time-consuming for busy teachers

Needed to streamline activity assignment, completion, scoring, and feedback, to give students more, and better, writing practice and guidance


Introduced fully automated interactive chat feature, unlocking text-based conversations with customizable chatbot partners

Implemented proprietary ML-powered auto-grading for writing prompt responses

Integrated platform with dozens of top learning management and rostering systems, enabling easy district onboarding

Writing activities available in 4 languages


Targeting language learning deficits with AI  

Writing practice is crucial for building fluency in both first and second languages. But providing timely, objective, and frequent writing support is challenging for teachers of English language and world language learners. Language education company LearningWrite partnered with us to create an AI-powered platform for delivering high-quality writing practice and feedback efficiently, effectively, and at scale.


Breaking down writing assessment barriers

LearningWrite envisioned a transformative tool for enhancing language writing practice. By conducting user research and interviews with language education teachers and program managers, we identified three key opportunity areas. To succeed, our solution would need to: accelerate learning by giving students fast, consistent feedback; increase engagement by making writing practice interactive and relatable; and fast-track onboarding by making it easy for districts to incorporate LearningWrite into their established systems.


AI chat for interactive learning

Conversation drives language acquisition like no other practice method, and Chat Scenarios give students on-demand access to it via a custom-engineered chatbot partner. Powered by the latest AI language models, Chat Scenarios give teachers control over location, partner role, topic, and more, offering limitless possibilities for freeform, text-based exchanges that engage and challenge students.


Pre-written prompts, for assignments made simple

We partnered with the University of Oregon’s Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) to generate 100+ strategically crafted writing practice activities, searchable by proficiency level, topics, and “can-do” statements – allowing teachers to easily assign high-quality practice exercises aligned with their teaching goals.


Seamless LMS integration

Educators have plenty to juggle, so new tools need to add value, not hassle. LearningWrite integrates with most major learning management and rostering systems, enabling effort-saving features like single sign-on and course catalog-syncing to streamline onboarding and everyday use.


Role management ecosystem

Ed tech tools need to work for all of a school’s users. The LearningWrite platform offers specialized portals for students, teachers, administrators, and content managers, designed to meet the unique and overlapping needs of each role.


Multilingual writing support

Teachers can assign writing prompts and chat scenarios to be completed in English, Spanish, French, and German, providing flexible practice options for world language and ESL students coming to class with a range of proficiency levels.

Praise from our clients

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The auto-scoring feature gives students confidence as they’re working toward the Seal of Biliteracy exam. They know the score they’re receiving on their written responses isn’t biased. And that it reflects their future performance on the test.

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Andrea Quintanar

Spanish Teacher, Lockport Township High School, Illinois

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I would highly recommend using LearningWrite in the classroom, as I have seen extensive improvement and motivation from my students. They consistently try to incorporate more advanced language structures, vocabulary and transition words, therefore leveling up their language skills!

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Sherry Dickerson

Spanish Teacher, Crescent Valley High School, Oregon

Featured technologies

AI and ML icons indicating artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI & Machine Learning

  • Large language model (LLM) Integration with AI chatbot (ChatGPT)
  • Autoscoring: fine-tuned LLM using PyTorch and HuggingFace
  • Deployed autoscoring model with TorchServe
Kotlin plus Spring Boot Logos

Kotlin & Spring Boot

  • Spring Boot framework
  • Hibernate & PostgreSQL
  • Extensive unit testing
React & TypeScript logos

React & TypeScript

  • Supports student, teacher, and administrator interfaces
  • Monitoring with Sentry
Graduation cap next to computer monitor with connect plug icon between them

Ed Tech Integration

  • Integration with Canvas LMS
  • ClassLink Certified Partner
Amazon Web Services logo

Amazon Web Services

  • Amazon SageMaker
  • Cloudformation
  • ECS

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