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With decades of combined experience creating tools that leverage user research, machine learning, cloud infrastructure, legacy systems integration, advanced data security systems, and multi-platform solution framing, we deliver results designed to function, thrive, and evolve.


Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Remote patient monitoring (RPM)

Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

EHR integration

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Featured Projects


Securing user engagement and $26M+ in funding

We helped Blue Note Therapeutics complete their cancer patient support app on an accelerated schedule, enabling them to lock-in Series A funding and fast-tracking their product for FDA approval.

Smart phone displaying screen from attune stress management support app.


Delivering a life-saving app for moms & babies

We partnered with the University of Oregon to turn a neuroscience-backed prenatal support program into a scalable mobile app for underserved pregnant people.

Hand holding smartphone showing GrowMotif prenatal coaching app home screen with coffee and snack in background.

Emano Flow

Bringing urology innovation from idea to clinical trial MVP

We partnered with Emano Metrics to help patients share vital urinary health metrics with their doctors, easily and often.

Open laptop witting on white and oak desk with Emano Flow patient uroflowmetry charts.


Designing a research-ready prototype to unlock federal funding

We helped the social impact research team at Influents Innovations create the first sobriety-focused emotional support app designed specifically for young adults.

Hand holding smartphone showing introduction module screen from Qlarity mindfulness mobile app

Speaking of Results

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Working with Twenty Ideas has been a game-changer for a science-based start-up like us. They showed genuine investment in our mission to ease the burden of cancer, in their attention to detail and quality, and their commitment to serve patient users.

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Geoffrey Eich

Blue Note Therapeutics, CEO

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Right from the very beginning, we had this sense that you cared too, that we were all joined together for this common purpose. And now, we have something that is really going to help people, and we couldn't have gotten there without your team!

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Dr. April Lightcap

TrueMotif, Co-Founder