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Product Strategy

Strategy guides our entire process, helping to define the product landscape, what exists, and what should exist, to identify high-impact opportunity areas for our clients.

Our product strategy services include:

Competitive analysis

Product research

Feature definition

Release roadmapping

Customer understanding

Content strategy

Go-to-market planning

Product analytics (Amplitude, Mixpanel)

UI & UX Design

Beyond vibrant visual design, successful digital products are rooted in a thoughtful and deliberate user experience and an intuitive user interface.

Our design services include:


User journeys

Information architecture


User experience (UX) design

Design systems

User experience copywriting

User interface (UI) design


User and usability testing

Custom App & Web Development

As experts in mobile and web development as well as complex and scalable infrastructures, we are intimately familiar with technologies such as React, React Native, Node.js/TypeScript, and AWS.

Our app and web development services include:

Mobile development: iOS, Android, React Native

Frontend app development: React.js, Vue.js, AngularJS

Server-side development: Node.js, Spring, Django, .NET

Languages: TypeScript, Java/Kotlin, Python, C#

Databases: PostgreSQL, GraphQL (Hasura), Cassandra, DynamoDB

Microservices and queuing: RabbitMQ, Kafka, Celery

Serverless: AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions

Managed cloud hosting: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Azure

DevOps/infrastructure: Cloud DevOps and hosting

Continuous delivery (CI/CD) and automated build

Backend Development & Data

Great products are built on strong and well integrated foundations. Our engineering team has the expertise and powerful code generation tooling to deliver robust, reliable, and scalable solutions to power the novel experiences your application provides.

Our backend and data services include:

Systems and data model architecture

Rapid deployment of mobile push notifications

Authentication integration

Admin panel integration

Micro service and scheduled workers


API documentation

Integrated console applications

Metrics and monitoring



Checklist-driven deployments and rollback strategies

AI & Machine Learning

We leverage cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques in the natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, and MLOps spaces.

Our AI and ML services include:

Business model review

Competitive analysis

Product research

Feature definition

Release roadmapping

Stakeholder workshops

Content strategy

Go-to-market planning

Product analytics: Amplitude and GA4


Good DevOps practices and processes are at the core of our engineering work. We use repeatable, reliable, and observable infrastructure to maximize delivery velocity, smooth production deployments, and give clients full control over the foundations of their products.

Our DevOps services include:

AWS Select Tier Partner consulting and team augmentation

Infrastructure as code (IaC) via AWS CloudFormation AWS CDK

Integration of our sophisticated deployment patterns

Novel code configurations for inbuilt quality alarms and logs

Continuous integration and deployment to web, mobile, and worker applications

On-prem-to-cloud migrations

HIPAA-ready infrastructure

Statically analyzed compliance patterns maximizing development velocity


Health & Med Tech

With expertise in the health environment, our team understands the rigors of HIPAA compliance, security, and precision.

Our digital health services include:

HIPAA compliance support

Patient experience (PX)

EHR and other integrations

Secure infrastructure

Remote patient monitoring

SaMD (Software as Medical Device)

WCAG compliance

Working with QMS companies and systems


We partner with school systems, universities, academic researchers, nonprofits, and private sector innovators to take on important challenges in child and adult education, including language assessment, adult literacy, and beyond.

Our ed tech services include:

ML-powered auto-scoring

Natural language processing (NLP)

Learning management system (LMS) integration

Circle diagram showing the Twenty Ideas digital product creation process, with six steps, Evolution, Exploration, Discovery, Design, Development, and Evolution, with arrows pointing clockwise indicating that the process is ongoing and cyclical.


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