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Avant Assessment, developers of the first internationally recognized online language testing standard (STAMP), tapped into a massive demand for their services and quickly moved to expand the variety and capacity of their products. They earned the trust of educators, employers, and government agencies across the world, but with their rapid growth needed help scaling their tech infrastructure. Avant asked Twenty Ideas to restructure and redesign its various products that were hard to manage and in need of a modernized product design.


  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Development
  • DevOps

Our Challenge

1. Unify a broad suite of systems and technologies to enable seamless software management for Avant.

2. Provide language learners and teachers with convenient, intuitive, and engaging digital assessments for measuring multilingual mastery.

Our Solution

We built a new cloud-first foundation enabling a faster idea-to-launch cycle, all while avoiding costly downtime. This groundwork paved the way for redesigning Avant products from the ground up.

Bringing It All Together

Our team analyzed Avant's eight different assessment engines and identified the optimal infrastructure and interface to apply across its portfolio. Then, we consolidated all Avant offerings onto one modern, cloud-based platform, applied consistent branding and design, and implemented processes for on-going project management – enabling Avant to grow while better serving its users.

Before and after of reorganizing Avant infrastructure

Realigned for the Road Ahead

We streamlined and updated Avant’s products and platforms for safer, more agile future growth.

Redesigned Test example

Access Made Easy

Universal login allows test takers and administrators to access all Avant products with the same user profile.

Example of login

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Industry-leading, integrated HTML5 voice recording technology replaced aging Flash plugins, reducing costs and bandwidth requirements to increase classroom accessibility.

Example of audio recording interface

Twenty Ideas brings a special combination of efficient management, elegant product design along with serious technology chops.

-David Bong

Chief Executive Officer

Avant Assessment

Reassessing the User Experience

New tools and reporting configurations provide greater control and clearer feedback to users on both sides of the testing experience.

Remodeled for Modern Users

Remodeled for Modern Users

Updated assessment interface presents questions and prompts in a clear, contemporary format to support comprehension and focus.

Example of redesigned test

Results You Can See

New report designs for test takers and administrators break down scores and highlight specific areas for improvement, both for individuals and across test groups.

Example of monitoring team members

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