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Nulia Works

From failing UX, to award-winning global success

We helped Nulia perfect a platform that provides Office 365 users with personalized guidance for enhancing workplace productivity and success.


Nulia had recently soft-launched its productivity empowerment platform designed to help teams use Microsoft 365 products more efficiently in the workplace

Initial customer surveys showed below-target engagement, as users reported difficulty interpreting and acting on the feedback delivered by the platform


UX and UI overhaul helped hit user engagement and satisfaction targets

Nulia transitioned product from limited release to full market roll-out and secured partnerships with dozens of workplace productivity innovators to empower teams across the globe

Product named the “Modern Workplace: Apps & Solutions for Microsoft Teams Partner of the Year” in July 2020

Product Background

Making the most of workplace software

When it comes to innovative digital tools for the office, employers have no shortage of options—but on average, employees use only half the relevant software available to them, resulting in lost efficiency and wasted tech budgets. Enter Nulia, a productivity ninja software designed to help organizations optimize their use of one of the world’s most ubiquitous digital work suites: Microsoft Office 365.

Laptop with Nulia dashboard
mobile devices with Nulia user profile interface


Show-and-tell to excel

We identified the pain points in Nulia's user journey and set high-level goals for reworking them. With a focus on restructuring key pages to better guide users, we transformed Nulia's Pathways page into a dashboard for easy performance tracking and overhauled the Skills Detail to include a more comprehensive view of a user's goals and achievements.

computer with nulia interface


Demystifying the dashboard

Our new reporting configuration presents progress and evaluation data in a way that feels helpful, digestible, and actionable. Activity summaries illustrate progress, achievements, and skill maintenance through a re-imagined color, icon, and badge system to focus and motivate users. Customized recommendations provide tips and techniques for gaining new skills and redirect users to the appropriate Office 365 location to practice them.


Bite-sized goals, big gains

We identified actionable components within each proficiency area to help users better understand their Nulia skill scores. The Skills page shows a user’s progress through individual competencies to support mastery of self-assigned goals and manager-assigned proficiency outcomes.


Skill drills

Showing performance metrics provides users with valuable information, but only if they know how to act on it. Practice activities linked to each skill offer guidance through narrative, video, and audio formats to support different learning styles.

interface image of the skills feature
interface images of insights feature


Oversight with insight

The new Manager Insight Panel gives leaders the ability to efficiently monitor and guide team members' progress. The Assignment Menu lets leaders guide and monitor team member performance by setting new goals aligned with an employee’s roles and projects.


The “nudge” factor

Good managers need ways to help keep team members on-track and motivated as they pursue their productivity goals. Customized “hints” allow managers to deliver personalized tips to help team members overcome roadblocks and achieve assigned outcomes.

interface image of hints

Praise from our clients:

Twenty Ideas designed and built a useful, engaging, and beautiful user experience that unlocked the full potential of our product by helping us better connect with our users.


Cary Torkelson

Nulia, CTO

Featured technologies

React logo

React Native: iOS And Android

  • TypeScript
  • RESTful API Integration
  • WCAG Support
DevOps image


  • Microsoft Azure
  • CI/CD and Automated Build
  • Sentry
WCAG image

WCAG 2.1 AA Compliance Support

  • Accessibility design considerations
  • Supporting Section 508 Compliance
  • Keyboard focus order framework
.NET framework logo

.NET Framework

  • C#
  • Identity Server
  • Teams App Integration
Google Analytics logo

Google Analytics

  • Embedded google analytics
  • Custom GA metrics
  • Dashboards

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