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Ksana Health

From 6 months behind to $2 million in seed funding

We helped Ksana Health provide patients and their therapists with the tools to monitor and support wellbeing in real time, in the real world.


Early stage startup Ksana came to us while pursuing seed funding for a platform based on its research-backed digital therapy model

Its deadline was fast approaching, and the first development agency it had hired had put the project 6 months behind schedule

Ksana needed a partner who could deliver a thoughtfully designed and well built solution in time to secure future investment


Vira’s launch secured $2 million in seed funding from re:Mind Capital

Anthem Digital Incubator invited Ksana to pilot Vira through Beacon Health Options and its 37 million members

Ksana was selected by Novo Nordisk’s Global Prevention Accelerator and is now working to bring its accessible therapy support platform worldwide

Hands typing on a keyboard hooked to tablet displaying Ksana Vira practitioner portal


Remote patient monitoring meets telehealth

The mental health pros and digital innovators at Ksana Health set out to create a platform that could observe patient wellbeing and provide timely support through customized care. “Vira” would use remote patient monitoring technologies to track key mental health indicators via an accessible mobile app and share them with their providers, who could then deliver customized treatment recommendations via an integrated web app.


Creating a trifecta

Vira would need to provide value to three core user groups: patients, therapists, and provider organizations. Through our discovery-led process, we established a comprehensive understanding of the user journeys, technical interdependencies, key metrics, and regulatory frameworks at play. Then, we laid out a unified design, developmental architecture, and deployment strategy to create a platform that would meet user needs and put the project back on schedule.

Ksana vira app image collage showing two people in a therapy session, two practitioners looking at results on a computer monitor, and a woman looking at her phone while lying in bed.
Three smartphones showing opt-in permission screens for Vira RPM mental health app from Ksana Health.


Beyond the intake form

Vira makes comprehensive remote patient monitoring simple and accessible, passively collecting and synthesizing multiple physical and mental health data points, including physical activity, location, and writing sentiment, using nothing more than a standard smartphone (eliminating the need for complex and/or expensive dedicated medical devices).


Patient oversight with insight

We created a practitioner dashboard presenting an on-going, multidimensional data stream that paints a detailed portrait of patients’ health and habits in their day-to-day lives. Changes or trends in patient data can be used to optimize treatment both during office visits, and between them.


Help that doesn't quit

The practitioner portal allows therapists to send nudges, recommended techniques, and insight-seeking questionnaires to support patient wellbeing between sessions, either on a set automated schedule, or in response to a sudden change in the patient’s needs.

Tablet displaying patient behavior recommendations screen in Vira Pro app


A bird's eye view of care

Ksana wanted to empower providers at every level of the healthcare ecosystem. We designed Vira Pro administrator dashboards that track metrics critical to patient and organizational health, including practitioner treatment plan trends, patient wellbeing, case loads, and more.

Person with dark hair looking at Vira app screen on phone with tips for relaxing


A platform built to deliver

Ksana envisioned a product that would seamlessly connect mobile and web environments enabled for machine learning to create optimal experiences for both core user groups. With these goals in mind, we devised an architectural strategy with built-in compatibility for the patient-facing Vira mobile app and the Vira Pro web portal featuring practitioner and organization-level views, while also allowing for integration with Ksana’s existing data science engine.

Diagram of Vira and Vira Pro app mental health monitoring platform by Ksana Health

Praise from our clients:

Twenty Ideas helped us achieve two critical milestones: creating a key prototype of Vira, and reaching our fundraising goals. Their project management was excellent. They communicated well, and they were very organized and transparent. They were collaborative, and their design work was outstanding.


Nick Allen

Ksana Health, CEO

They worked hard to understand our vision for the product, and they helped us dial-in our strategy and design to create the best possible experience for our end users. Their development work was every bit as robust as their designs, and their whole process felt cohesive, logical, and focused (and contributed to an excellent end result).


Will Short

Ksana Health, COO

Ksana Health aims to digitally transform mental health care to make it more accessible, scalable and effective through continuous remote patient monitoring, objective data, digital therapeutics, and seamless navigation across different levels of care, supporting people how and when they need it.



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Featured Technologies

React logo

Mobile with React Native for iOS & Android

  • Custom keyboard & fine-grained permissions
  • Expo and Expo Application Services (EAS)
  • Streaming data from mobile sensing
  • Native iOS & Android in Kotlin, Swift, Objective C
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React & Nest.js with TypeScript

  • Data visualization and charting with Chart.js
  • Hasura & GraphQL
  • Nginx proxy
  • Monitoring with Sentry & LogRocket
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Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • AWS Kinesis Data Firehose
  • CloudFormation & AWS CDK
  • AWS X-Ray, CloudWatch & CloudTrail
  • AWS Athena & DynamoDB
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  • Infrastructure-as-Code via AWS CDK
  • Containerization via Docker
  • CI/CD & automated build
  • Autoscaling & load balanced multi-AZ setup
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Machine Learning

  • Integration with data science engine
  • MLOps & orchestration with parquet files
  • DevOps for custom R ec2 instance
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HIPAA Compliance Support

  • Product design considerations for privacy
  • Database design supporting PII/PHI separation
  • HIPAA compliance via AWS services & architecture

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