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Emano Flow

Bringing urology innovation from idea to clinical trial MVP

We partnered with Emano Metrics to help patients share vital urinary health metrics with their doctors, easily and often.


Early stage med tech startup with a potentially game-changing urology diagnostic technology

Small team lacked the resources to design and build a multi-interface, testable platform doctors and patients could use


A mobile and web app MVP that allowed Emano to conduct a pilot study in several urology practices

Expanded team to support a rigorous clinical trial verifying the product’s accuracy and efficacy

Patient history screen of Emano Flow uroflowmetry app displayed on smartphone.


Simple home testing for urology patients

For the over 33 million Americans experiencing urinary health problems, finding help can be frustrating. Traditional uroflowmetry tests require a dedicated visit to a urologist’s office, where the doctor observes the patient’s flow while urinating in search of diagnostic clues. Because of the hassle and stress placed on the patient, urologists are often left to diagnose a patient based on a very limited picture of their day-to-day urinary function. The founders of Emano Metrics saw that if patients could easily capture uroflowmetry data themselves in their own homes or workplaces, they would be willing and able to give their doctors much more information to guide treatment recommendations. So they built listening software to capture flow data based on sound, and asked us to help get it out into the world.


Putting innovation into context

We applied our discovery-driven Twenty-to-One Process to understand the existing provider/patient testing experience, including its many pain points. Then, we mapped-out a new user journey to create the Emano Flow platform, which would connect patients and providers through seamlessly integrated mobile and web apps.

Three mobile phones showing Emano Flow the uroflowmetry recording process.


A UI for the (right) ages

Building on our user research results, we designed our patient-facing mobile app with older users in mind, using clean layouts, familiar navigational elements, and large, high-contrast visuals to create an accessible user interface.

Patient uroflowmetry charts from Emano Flow physician portal.


Trends on tap

Emano Flow’s provider-facing web app cleanly displays a patient’s home uroflowmetry data over time, helping doctors identify patterns and outliers to inform diagnosis and treatment recommendations.


Made to meld

To minimize demands on busy providers and staff, we created Emano Flow with ease-of-use for medical records clerks in mind, allowing for streamlined exporting and EHR importing while offering a roadmap to full EHR integration in the future.

Open laptop witting on white and oak desk with Emano Flow patient uroflowmetry charts.

Praise from our clients:

Teaming up with Twenty Ideas gave us the opportunity to combine our innovative solution for evolving urology care with their really robust product strategy expertise. Together, we created a platform that addresses the needs of patients and providers in a compelling, potentially game-changing way.


Bishara Korkor

Emano Metrics, Co-Founder

Featured Technologies

React logo

React Native: iOS & Android

  • Data visualization & charting
  • iOS & Android permissions for microphone
  • Expo & EAS
Typescript and Nest.js logos

TypeScript & Nest.js

  • Source for data visualization & charting
  • Backbone for React.js and React Native Apps
  • Connected to API for ML engine
AWS logo

AWS & DevOps

  • CloudFormation & AWS CDK (infrastructure-as-code)
  • CI/CD & automated build with Docker
  • Multiple environments & availability zones
Machine learning image

MLOps & HIPAA Support

  • Designed API to integrate with ML Engine
  • Implemented ML API for integration
  • Support for HIPAA Compliance

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